Happy (half)birthday Dean! [2.5 years old]

30 Month Stats :
Height – 37.5″ (85th percentile)
Weight – 25lbs (15th percentile)

Favorites :
Meal – Pizza or pasta
Fruit – Raspberries or grapes
Animal – Dogs
Toy – Balls and trains
Words – “No-Wa!” (Translation : No way); “Couple while” (a couple of more minutes)
Book – Constantly changing, but currently you love “Road Work” by Sally Sutton; “My Truck is Stuck” by Kevin Lewis, Daniel Kirk
Song – “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
TV – TV show : Super Why! ; Movie : Planes (alternating between the first and second one, with WallE as a close third)
Activity – Riding your bike, building Duplo train tracks and reading

Reading at the library
Reading at the library


You’ve grown so much.

Every day you are becoming more and more of a little man. You’re always learning, always questioning and always exploring.

Climbing the slide
Climbing the slide

And always moving!

You still haven’t slowed down – you’re always moving. We can go for a bike ride to the park in the morning for four hours but within ten minutes after a rest, you’re asking where we are going next.

Riding by the water
Riding by the water

You are becoming more comfortable around strangers. You’re not shy with children and love joining in their games and asking to play with them. You still prefer the bossy 5-8 year old girls still, but you’re also starting to enjoy playing with 3-5 year old boys. You’re more than happy chatting away with adults we meet during our trips around town. In fact, just a few weeks ago, you struck up a soccer game with an older gentleman (about 75 years old) in the middle of IKEA and you *both* had a blast! You bring out the best in people!

You enjoy anything to do with dirt, trucks, trains, cars, construction, puddles, food and wheels – you’re male, what else needs to be said? Ha!

Many times on our walks we have to stop at a construction site if we find one to watch what is going on, to name the construction vehicles and to talk about all things they may (or may not) be building. (Hint : They are likely not building a rocket ship)

Rock climbing
Rock climbing

You’re a gentle and loving little boy. You enjoy snuggles and kisses – especially “sloppy kisses” where you lick our face, yuck! You’re logical and enjoy puzzles and building toys.


We’ve started watching movies a few nights a week. You tend to pick one movie and it stays in the PS4 for weeks – currently it’s Bolt. You’re amazing at your letters, largely in part due to SuperWhy! You’re learning sounds and how to write letters. You love playing I Spy on transit to find letters.

Watching the train go by
Watching the train go by

We’ve registered you in pre-school. It starts September 2015… I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Pre-school, already?!


Every day we make new memories. You may not remember all these moments, but I will forever cherish them. ❤



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