Before Dean was born, I knew that I wanted to get into baby wearing. I knew that I wanted to be able to stroll hands free with baby up close to chat with and snuggle with.

I wore Dean in a few different types of carriers from birth until recently. I even wore him when I was 8 months pregnant with Sammy!

We tended to stick to the ergo as our main carrier. It was quick to put on and take off and I liked that it had a pocket. It fit both of us well.


With Sammy, I have entered the world of woven wraps. I love the different carries you can do with a single wrap. And the colours? God, there’s some gorgeous ones out there! And expensive! (Did you know that some wraps can cost a thousand dollars USED!?!) It has a learning curve but I’m picking up on it quite quickly!


It’s terrible looking through swap groups at all the pretty wraps and ring slings… And now I’ve gotten bitten by the Tula Bug.


I’m enjoying being able to chase after Dean hands-free at the park and Sammy is enjoying the snuggles. He naps much better in the carriers, too.

Dean has requested being worn a few times as well. It usually only lasts long enough to get him into the wrap before he wants down, but my independent boy rarely even likes being carried in my arms lately! He much more prefers walking or riding his bike!



Do/did you like to baby wear? What’s your carrier of choice?


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