Routine is Returning!

This mama requires routine. Or at least consistency in our day.

Actually, eft it,  I’ll be honest. I just like it when I feel like there’s some smidgen of freaking order… Even if it’s just that there’s meltdowns and screaming fits at the same time of the day.

Today I learned that Sammy has a tooth (you really don’t want the gory details of how I found out he had a nice, freshly popped through chomper… long story short – there was blood, nipples and a lot of cuss words involved) and he’s finally over the four month sleep regression. Nights are returning to normal. Day times are predictable. And I feel like I actually have life under control. For the next 9.1247 seconds.

What, do you ask, is our typical day like? (Because I know you really care!) Well, let me enlighten you, oh grasshopper.

7:00/7:30a – Boys (husband included) wake up.
7:30a – I nurse Sammy in bed while J gives Dean some cereal.
8:00a – Scramble to hop into the shower before Jason darts out the door to flee for his sanity go to work
9:30-10:15a – S naps, D and I play together, I make lunch, D has a second breakfast, we get dressed and ready to go out after S wakes
10:45a – After feeding S again and getting shoes on, we are out the door on an adventure – park, play date, walk, Science World, Strong Start, drop-in’s, etc
12:00p – Lunch for D and nursing S
12:30-1:00p – S naps in the carrier or the stroller, whichever he may fancy at that moment
2:00p – Home, D plays for 10 minutes while I nurse S again, then it’s quiet time. We all pile onto Dean’s bed, read a book and he plays for an hour or so. I put S to bed. Dishes, cleaning up, unpacking the stroller.
2:30-3:30/4:00p – D has quiet time. Will usually just play for the hour, but sometimes falls asleep about 40 minutes into QT, which then I leave him to sleep for 45 minutes
2:30-3:15p – Sammy naps in his crib while I get some household things done, usually including some dinner prep if there’s anything I can get away with doing then and I also have lunch
3:15-4p – S will wake but need/want more sleep so he naps on me on the couch while I watch a show and enjoy being off my feet (even if it means being pinned down by baby)
4:00-5:00p – Dean has a snack, I nurse Sammy, we play in the backyard or go to the park if nice, inside if gross out
5:00p – Put on a movie. Yes,, I will admit, D usually watches a movie on a daily basis on the weekdays. Or an episode of SuperWhy! I would rather he didn’t but honestly, with how active we are all morning, he needs this downtime and I need a distracted toddler while baby is content so I can get dinner ready
6:15p – Husband is home. Dinner. One of us does dishes, the other does PJ’s with the boys.
6:45p – If D doesn’t nap, he goes to sleep, if he did then he plays with Dad
7:00-7:45p – Nurse Sammy, he naps for a bit
7:45p – If D is still up, now he’s in bed. Read two stories, snuggles and then he gets 10 minutes before lights out to read on his bed, solo
7:45-9:00p – S plays, nurses (usually twice in this time) and is generally fussy and wants to be held.
9:00p – S goes to bed
11:30p  – We head to bed. Normally it takes me a good hour to fall asleep though.
If we are lucky, both boys are asleep all night. Knock on wood(!!), the past few nights have been good.

Dean has had some growing pains and some other assorted “owwies” that have woken him up in the past few weeks. He was our sound sleeper who would do 12 hours in one night, without fail. Although to be fair, last night he didn’t wake up but I woke him twice. We moved our old bed into his room, his old bed into Sammy’s room and then bought a new bed this week. In the move, he lost his gated double bed and gained a king sized bed. He had a toy on the edge of his bed last night and I awoke twice hearing it fall off the bed and found him near the edge of the bed so moved him (and in the process woke him)

It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel after only 6.5 hours of sleep after living off of 4 hours for weeks on end. HA!

Now if only I could get my butt into bed and fall asleep earlier… Too bad I am enjoying the bit of time I have in the evening without a child clinging to me!


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