Unplug and Play Challenge

This week is ParticipACTION’s Unplug & Play week. It runs from March 23rd until March 29th.

See ParticipACTION’s page here

Today has been a quite day at home, so far. We’re normally out and about every morning but with impeding doom (aka a common cold trying to make its way into the household) we’ve been taking it easy at home. That doesn’t mean we’ve been glued to the TV though!

After waking up at 8:45a (the kids, if only I was so lucky) we had some great screen-free time. We did stickers, play dough, built with Duplo and Dean made a game of bowling with Sammy as the pin. While the kids had a screen free morning, I did use my phone but not nearly as much as I would on a normal day. I can’t risk my sanity by not using it at all! 😉

The challenge is to stay active *outdoors* but I think a focus on just staying active and in the moment with your children is a big part of the week.

This afternoon will be a walk and the park.

I’m hoping these fevers go away soon so we can plan some more outdoor things this week. But until then, we’ll be keeping active indoors with a healthy dose of fresh air on walks outdoors.

Getting active for 60 minutes a day isn’t much of a challenge for us – we are always on the go! But I think our challenge will be to try to downsize on the movies this week. Usually Dean gets about four or five movies per week (or an episode of SuperWhy instead of a movie) as it makes dinner prep easier.
Are you participating in the Unplug & Play challenge?


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