[Six Months Old]

Happy Six Months Sammy!!


You’ve been growing like crazy since you were born (and before, too, of course)! It’s hard to believe that you are halfway to your first birthday already…

The day he was born
The day he was born

You’re starting to have more and more personality. You know what you like – and are very vocal about things you don’t! You’re always on the go now that you have figured out how to army crawl a month ago. There’s no holding you back anymore!

It’s been an amazing six months watching you grow, watching you and your brother get to know each other and to see you turn more and more into a little boy.


Six Month stats :
Height – 28 inches (90th percentile)
Weight – 17 pounds, 14 ounces (50th percentile)


You have two teeth, which grew in around 5 months. It was a bit of a long drawn out process with some sleepless nights but you were much happier once they were out. (And man, are they ever sharp! OUCH!)

You’re army crawling throughout the house. Nothing stops you anymore. You chase after your big brother to steal his toys all the time. You like to crawl over and grab the sleeping puppy’s fur in clumps.


You’re starting to push up onto your knees and rock back and forth. You’ve figured out how to move into a sitting position but you haven’t quite mastered sitting upright for long term yet – you’re attention span distracts you after a few seconds and you bail.

You love to stand and dance. You love to watch your brother running around.

Dean is your favourite person in the world, hands down. And he adores you. The two of you are going to be great friends – I have loved watching the two of you bond and play together.


We’ve just started you on solids. You’re not terribly interested in them but you have been starting to eat them instead of spitting them out. We are doing baby led weaning for the most part – real foods and you feed yourself instead of purees on a spoon. It’s messy but watching you try to figure it out and taste different things is amusing.


Every day I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a smart, handsome, loving little man. I love when you snuggle up against me before nap times or when you feel like a bit of extra love.



Now please, my little baby, please please please stop growing. ❤


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