Feeding The Monster

“He’ll start sleeping through the night once he starts solids.”

“Maybe he’s not getting enough milk and needs formula to top up?”

“He’s sucking his finger, must be hungry!”

“I think he’s hungry. Baby is putting toys in his mouth!”


Maybe I just take offence because I’m anxious enough already about if Sammy is getting enough milk. But those innocent comments are sometimes hard to brush off.

With Dean, I had terrible supply around 4 or 5 months, when we started solids. I dried up almost completely and I had to really fight to get my supply back around 7 months. It was terrible and I was terrified to have it happen again.

I struggled to keep my supply up again, but it seemed to be working. I’ve been weighing him plenty, to make sure he’s gaining. I stress to make sure he doesn’t go longer than 2.5 hours between feeds. I count how many times he has fed each day. I get disheartened when I don’t get anything from pumping (I rarely get a chance to pump when full, it’s always after feeds so it doesn’t get much, if anything) I get worried when he goes 12 hours overnight because my poor supply might dwindle down.


Sammy has had some rough nights (or maybe I should say he’s had some good nights as it’s been more rough nights than great ones…) and isn’t the best sleeper.

A typical night (for the past two weeks) is nursing him at 7pm, putting him to bed around 8pm and him waking and needing help to get back to sleep two or three times between then and when we go to bed I nurse him again. Then he would wake around 5-6am, I would go lay down in the double bed in his room with him and nurse him. We’d doze until about 7:30a when Dean wakes and wants freedom.

He will nap around 11am for 45 minutes or so, while we are on the go (in the stroller or the carrier) and then again at 2:30p for an hour or two. Sometimes even three, when he really wants to score brownie points.


We’ve started solids recently. He has only begun to actually eat them and no spit it out this past week. Sammy is still iffy on full-on solids but does pretty decent with purees now. We’re doing a mix of BLW (baby led weaning) and purees.

I’ve also caved and started him on formula at bedtime. After nursing him, we top him up with a 6oz bottle of formula. It’s not helping with bedtime. Which part of me is secretly thankful for – it means that I wasn’t starving him! We’re continuing with it because well, fattening him up is still good. If he’ll eat it, why not?!


He’s growing well. He’s gaining a healthy amount from month to month. And really that is all that matters!


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