[Product Review] Little Acorn

I love local mom businesses, that’s no lie!

Sammy is a MAJOR drooler. He would soak through two or three shirts in a day, to the point of me having to change his shirt AND undershirt because it was drenched…

I came across a mom in Vancouver posting about her bandana bibs she makes on a local Facebook buy and sell page. I couldn’t help but to get excited and buy three of them.

They’re amazing. No more drool soaked shirts.. These stood the test of a slobbery Sammy.

There’s plenty of cute designs to choose from. They are double sided so mix and match your favourites!

The bandana bibs are so well made. They are thick enough to keep him dry but not bulky to be annoying to him. The snaps are strong enough to stay closed with a certain baby yanking on the bib.


Rosalind is a mom of a 17 month old little guy who, along with her husband, occupy most of her time. She is passionate about sewing and many of the items she makes are inspired by her son. She loves making baby related accessories and clothing. She also enjoys crocheting, painting and making cards and jewelry. In her spare time she can be found on the North Shore mountains for a day hike or grabbing a coffee with her family.

Check out her Facebook page here! She’s got an awesome selection of patterns.


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