Sanity Break

I love my family but it’s been a long two weeks.

Jason had surgery last Friday (nothing major) so he had to take last weekend easy. He wasn’t able to lift the kids or walk much so I took the boys out as much as possible and kept them busy. Nights have been a bit touch and go lately but have been on the mend.

I was feeling pretty run down the past few days.

Jason offered for me to ditch the boys and go have some time to myself – and as much as I wanted to take him up on the idea, it just wasn’t possible. Sammy still nurses often and I can’t skip feeds because I’m currently detoxing from domperidone (a prescription to boost breastmilk supply) so have to nurse as often as possible to keep my supply up as I stopped abruptly due to a side effect that has been causing sun sensitivity and major hives.

So instead I loaded Sammy into my wrap and took off for the day, just the two of us.

We started our morning at Pier Park in New Westminster to chat with some awesome ladies and watch the kids play. It was a bit odd to not have to be keeping an eye on Dean, who had a special day with Daddy. After a few drops of rain we packed it in and headed to the River Market for a break. Sammy climbed around in the play corner they have, then ate and then we were off again! Our next stop was Commercial Drive – there are a few kid boutiques in the area and I wanted to take a browse through them without fearing my toddler would leave a path of destruction in his wake. We stopped at a park along the way for Sammy to roam on the grass, have a snack, nurse and then popped him back into the wrap again so he could nap. (If you’re local – check out Dilly Dally Kids on Commercial Drive. It’s a super cool store filled with lots of neat toys!) I visited with my cousin next. Her and 2/3’s of her kids (twin almost-two-year-olds), Sammy and I walked around a bit to catch up. We hit Chapters downtown to check for books. It’s closing and I love 50% off books! The line up was a bit ridiculous but well worth the $50 in savings! Sammy and I headed home for dinner after that.

It was a long day – we left at 9:30a, arrived back home at 6:30p. My back was sore from wearing Sammy all day. My feet were tired from walking all day. I was starving since I didn’t eat lunch until late. But I felt refreshed! Exhausted, but refreshed.

I needed that day of not having to worry about getting Dean to listen, having somewhere for Dean to run around, making sure we would be home for nap and keeping him entertained. Sure, Sammy still needed time to roam and needed to be fed, but it’s much different.

Dean and Jason had a fun filled day, too! They went to Crescent Beach so Dean could ride his bike, He also played in the sand and rocks. They had lunch and then visited Art Knapps. Seriously, I’m jealous. I’ve heard that Art Knapps on King George Highway in South Surrey has a fun kid area… but apparently it was always understated of how big it was! They have train rides, a play area, mini golf, model train displays and more! The boys picked up some plants for the garden and then came home for nap.

I came home to find that Jason tore up a plant that we’ve talked about taking out (but was always too much work!) and planted a blueberry bush there! I’m pretty excited – it already has berries, they just need to ripen! I planted the things he brought home tonight after the boys were in bed. Corn, lettuce, radishes and cucumber are in the garden. I have cantaloupe to plant but have to clean out their garden still. And then we also have MORE strawberry plants to plant tomorrow.

The backyard is becoming more and more homey for the summer! There are toys everywhere, water table is filled, there’s chalk marks all over and bubble wands on every possible surface. The garden is growing (albeit slowly) And the grass is growing (not so slowly – it should be cut every 5 days or so but only gets done once per week) We’ve been eyeing a trampoline for the backyard. We’re still debating putting up the pool this summer – it’s 2.5ft deep, 8ft across and destroys the grass underneath it. Also, with two little ones, I’m not sure if we want that hazard in the backyard. And I would love to get a comfortable chair or two for the patio to sit with my drink in hand while watching the boys play. Times like this that I feel like it would take a LOT of convincing to get me to move into an apartment and give up a backyard.

Tomorrow is a family day. Not sure what we are going to do just yet though.

And then in just three more sleeps, we are leaving for Whitehorse, Yukon to visit my parents for a week! I’m not sure what we will be doing up there, but I’m sure I’ll have an update when we get back.

One day, maybe once the boys are twelve and fourteen *gulp*, I will get back to some regularity with these posts and updates and such!

I want to get back to the tips and tricks and more helpful posts (vs the ones about what are happening in our life) but trying to get an update on our life every two weeks is hard enough! Especially with the summer months and all the time we spend outside. I rarely go on my computer these days!

Hope you are all enjoying your Spring (or in our case, what feels like Summer!)

Take care!



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