No More Soother!

Since he was a baby, we have had the rule that D was only allowed his soother when tired in the stroller, car or carrier, or when in bed. As he grew older, it was only in bed for nap or bedtime. In the past month, it seemed to be making its way out of the bedroom more and more…

So the weekend before last, we packed the kids into the car and went to Metrotown. J had to get a haircut so I took the boys on the train that rides through the mall (always a hit!) Afterwards, we caught up with Jason and went to Build A Bear.


Dean LOVES dog stuffed toys. He has six lovey’s that are all dogs. There’s Puppy, Other Puppy, Big Puppy, IKEA Puppy, Easter Puppy, Bunny Puppy, Wolf and now there’s Bolt, his new “soother puppy” that we built.

While stuffing him at the workshop, we tucked his soother inside. We talked about it on the way there, that we were going to put it inside and that was the end of it. He couldn’t put it in his mouth anymore but that he could snuggle it whenever he needed it.

He handled it well. He loved building Bolt and giving him a “bath” after. Dean carried his boxed puppy through the mall with pride. He even pretended to be a dog and carry the box in his mouth.


It went really well.

Then nap time hit. He brought Bolt to bed and cried that he wanted his soother. We told him that the soother was inside Bolt but that he could snuggle Bolt instead. Dean cried that he was sad. He’s been hit and miss for naps lately.. Usually only one or two a week nowadays. But every day he has a quiet time, where he has to stay in his room and play quietly, solo, for an hour or so. No nap happened that day – and there were lots of tears. I was a bit worried about how bedtime would be, especially with not napping and being extra tired.


The good news? Not a single tear over the soother since that first nap. No more soothers and no more complaints about it. Occasionally there is a comment about asking where his soother is, or asking if we can bring it with us on longer days in case he gets tired, but then I remind him he doesn’t have a soother anymore and that we have Bolt. He doesn’t seem to care at all. Phew!



It’s been long time coming that we needed to ditch the soother but with a newborn, we just got lazy and didn’t want another reason to not get any sleep at night!


Next up? Potty training (which is already slightly underway, much to my attempts to postpone it! Lol!)


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