Dean Turns Three!

3 year stats :
Height – 39.5″ (90th percentile)
Weight – 31.5lbs (30th percentile)

Favorites :
Food – Smoothies
Animal – Dogs
Toy – Any and all of your Paw Patrol toys
Words – “Another time” You were in a big “why” phase for a while but now everything is “another time” We will come home from the park and you’ll ask if we can go another time. I’ll tell you bath time is over and before I even lift you out of the bath, you will ask if you can have “another bath another time”
Book – “Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night” is on pretty high rotation around here
Song – “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
TV – Paw Patrol. No doubts about that!
Activity – Riding your bike, building Duplo, jumping on the trampoline, helping to make lunch

Climbing the slide
Climbing the slide

Tomorrow when I wake up, Mommy, I am going to be THREE! I’m going to be SO BIG that I can touch the roof. I’m going to be SOOO BIG that I can drive Daddy’s car!

You’re three! You are no longer my little toddler but instead you have become my preschooler.


And with three, comes some severe THREENAGE attitude.

Life isn’t hunky-dory anymore. When something doesn’t go your way you get overwhelmed with so many emotions that they can sometimes leave you in a heap on the ground. It’s getting to be a challenge to get your feelings out – you’re starting to understand that there isn’t just “happy” and “sad” feelings anymore. There are suddenly 18032 feelings in between. But you’re having troubles to recognize these emotions and how to react to them.

Can we get a new Daddy?

Daddy and Dean gymnastics
Daddy and Dean gymnastics

Your imagination is flourishing. You’ve started to create rather than replicate. You come up with amazing stories about what adventures you and Sammy are going on (much to Sammy’s protest as you drag him along behind you) You make airplanes, cars, dogs and even a full construction site complete with crane and digger with Duplo.

War wounds
War wounds

You’re curious on how the world works. And once it’s been explained a few (dozen) times, you will then take the opportunity to tell US how something works.

Because I need energy. I drink milk and use the energy. When I have no more energy, I drink more milk. That’s how people work.

Preschool starts in a couple of weeks and you talk about it nonstop. You were told that it would start after your birthday and here we are, four days later, and you’re still waiting… You’re excited to play on the slide and in the house. You’ve been talking about your friends at preschool (even though you’ve only briefly met one so far at a park) and you’ve been talking about how me and you will get to play play dough (though I keep reminding you that I only get to go once in a while because preschool is for YOU) Let’s hope you’re still as excited for preschool when you realize that I leave!

Dean and Daddy time <3
Dean and Daddy time ❤

I love our snuggle time together. When we lay down before bed and just chat about our day today and our day tomorrow. About what you liked to do today. About what you want to do “another time”. I love listening to your sweet voice tell me that you had fun playing Duplo together, reading a book in the fort, sharing a snack at the park, jumping on the trampoline together or other things that happen. I love knowing that we’re creating amazing memories.


I want to keep you this small forever but I also want you to grow up so I can enjoy more milestones with you. It’s so bittersweet watching you grow. ❤





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