32 Hours In The Dark

We’ve had a major windstorm here this weekend. We’ve gotten a decent amount of wind in the past but not often has it been THIS bad. Trees were falling – not just one or two. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of people were without power at one point or another. Estimates were at 800,000!

Our power went out yesterday around 11am. Jason and Dean had gone out for an adventure and Sammy was napping when the lights went out. Sammy’s white noise turned off, which led to him waking up and crawling out of his room ready for a party with a big smile on his face.

We were NOT expecting it to be out for so long! We figured it would be back on by dinner time and life would continue as normal. Bed time rolled around and we were wondering how we would get our boys, who are both very used to having music (D) or white noise (S) playing and D usually has his big nightlight lamp on since he’s got a fear of the dark. It was eerie in the dark with very little noise. Once the boys are in bed, the TV is usually on for background noise or Jason is playing a game. There was barely any sounds last night while we played UNO by candlelight (I won, twice, just in case you were wondering).

UNO in the dark
UNO in the dark

D was pretty understanding that we didn’t have power so we couldn’t turn on his music or his lamp but did wake once at night and cry. Talking to him tonight, as I lay down with him for a snuggle at bedtime, he told me that he had been sad last night when he woke up because it was dark and he doesn’t like to “not see anything”. He decided that he was “just so happy” to have the power back. Though then he started to ask where it had gone…

Today we woke and there was still no power.

We went to the pool after calling and checking if they had power and were open and swam with the boys for a while. It was nice to have some hot water in the showers after our swim. Next up? COFFEE! I walked over with the boys while Jason moved the car to that side of the mall. The line up at Tim’s was really long so Jason hit Starbucks while I entertained the kids at the Lego store.

Most malls, if not all, have back up generators so people were flocking to them to syphon their power to charge electronics and steal their wifi for entertainment. Lucky bastards without kids that can go sit in the hallway of a mall and not have their tiny humans causing mayhem! We had lunch (at 10:30am, because we’re cool like that and skipped breakfast) and then came home.

The boys had some fun in the backyard in the sunshine (yes, sunshine! so much for the 10-15 days of pouring rain they expected we would be getting!) and then Jason took Dean to his parents for a visit and then Home Depot for flashlights so Sammy could have a nap in the silence of the house. After coming home, Dean had a bit of quiet time in his room and then we went out to IKEA. They had power (hooray!) but it was backup generators…. So no AC! Well, with the amount of people there, it was so hot and muggy! We didn’t stay long – especially as the kitchens fans weren’t on so a majority of the upstairs showrooms smelled of their salmon that was on the menu. YUCK!

After IKEA, we came home for dinner with the in-laws…. Hooray for the BBQ! We cooked up the burgers that were thawing in the freezer along with quail and lamb that was thawing in their freezer. As we were eating the power returned! WOOHOO! Within half an hour of it turning back on, Dean was cozied up on the couch to watch Paw Patrol. Because #parentingwin.

I’m glad we have power back. It was a nice break from technology but it’s amazing how much you rely on it… My cold shower at home after swimming was NOT my idea of fun. Nor was the fact that I couldn’t do laundry and I now have a full four or five loads of laundry waiting for me. While I hate that I encourage TV, Dean also needs it because it’s one of the only ways that he will sit and relax for 2.536 seconds… Otherwise he is go-go-go all day, and now that he doesn’t nap, he’s usually pushing buttons by dinner time if he doesn’t have a bit of time to veg.

It was also an eye opener to show us how unprepared we are in the event of a natural disaster. It was warm enough that we didn’t need heat (though we are needing blankets with this chilly weather!) and we had the ability to go out for food. If this was an earthquake or other, larger, disaster, it would have been more of a challenge! We’re talking about putting together more of an emergency preparedness kit for home. At the moment we rely on the fact that we have some canned goods and drinkable water frozen in the freezer.

It was also a great experience seeing all the lovely ladies that are in this motherhood business together. On various mom groups that I am a part of, people were offering to host playdates or storage room in their fridges/freezers for those in need. Showers, power and hot food were being handed out to those without electricity. It was amazing to see people helping each other in times of hardship (hey, having babies who need hot water for formula or heating breastmilk can be a hardship when you have no source of hot water!) It takes a village and this village stepped forward to support each other. How awesome is that?!


We’ve lost a good amount of food from the fridge and freezer. A lot of stuff thawed too much or got too warm to be able to salvage it but we managed to save some of the more expensive food items from the fridge (hemp hearts and cheese are NOT cheap!!) Also saved : Bailey’s. Because priorities.


I’m glad we have power back now. I’m just hoping it stays on – the winds are starting to pick up again and it’s pouring rain. We’re enjoying our season finale of Breaking Bad and hot, homemade coffee. And tomorrow, we’ll run out of hot water as I empty the tank with a burning hot shower!

How did people survive before there was electricity?!



Did you lose power this weekend? How did you guys find ways to beat the boredom?


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