We’re Doing a Potty Dance Over Here

And it’s not because we need to pee!
Dean is well on his way to being a “potty expert”!!

This week it’s been a bit cooler and a bit wetter outside so we haven’t been out as much as usual. It’s been nice to have more time at home to get caught up on cleaning, laundry and just relaxing rather than our usual go-go-go selves.

We still had a few busy days (Monday and Tuesday we were out from about 9am until 6pm… phew!) but then slowed down the second half of the week.

I wanted to take advantage of being home and the mild (aka not yet freezing cold) weather we have so I decided it was time to get serious about potty training.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Dean wore underwear while we were at home playing. We put a diaper on for our outings (preschool, library/grocery store, mall, park, etc) and for quiet time / bedtime. I set the timer for every 20 minutes on the first day, loaded up his water bottle with a mix of water / juice to encourage him to down it. No accidents! Second day I put the timer at 30 minutes. Again, no accidents. On the third day, I set it to 45 minutes and it was all dry again.

Day four was Saturday. We had dance class and then I went out for a while with Sammy to the mall while Daddy and Dean hung out at home. Jason did about an hour in between potty trips. We had one accident in the evening when we had all gotten busy playing and doing some work around the house – I blame us for not checking in with him often enough for that one.

Today was day five. We stuck him in underwear when he woke up at 7am and he wore them straight until 7pm (aside from an hour at quiet time – where he kept his diaper TOTALLY DRY after Daddy told him to pretend it was underwear and to not pee in it) In the morning, Jason was taking Dean out to Home Depot. I figured it’s a quick-ish trip and sent him in underwear. I was nice enough to tell my husband and send him with a change of clothes. Dean came back dry and proud after an hour and half!
Later on, in the evening, we went to the mall to walk around and then out for dinner – which included a BIIIIIG glass of milk for Dean. He tried on the potty there before we left, but didn’t go pee. We got out to the car and I was going to drive us home to get some more practice driving.
As I left the parking spot, Dean decided he had to pee. Of course, right?! So I got to practice my driving under pressure as I swerved and weaved through curbs, cars and people to get to the side of the mall where there was close access to the bathrooms for Jason and Dean to run to. It was like driving the bus on Speed (you know, that movie from 1994 – yes. 1994, 21 years ago! it’s okay, I feel really old now, too) I could just picture the mess all over his car seat and him and likely dripping down to the car’s bench seat. UGH! Talk about a stressful thought! He was sitting in the backseat for those few minutes telling us “My penis says I have to pee” “My penis is telling me to pee now” “I have to poop, too” But HE MADE IT! YAY! He held it for a few minutes after that initial moment of feeling the need.
And I didn’t have to clean the car seat! SCORE!

Tomorrow we’ll be skipping the diaper on our bigger outing (we will be on transit so that alone will be an extended time away from bathrooms) but I’ll be sure to set an alarm in my phone to find a bathroom a few times throughout the day.

Could it be? Could we have a potty trained boy in the near future?

Because sometimes your kid wants privacy... So you stick him in the cupboard.
Because sometimes your kid wants privacy… So you stick him in the cupboard.

He’s probably been ready for a while but we just haven’t gotten around to it. Last year, before Baby 2.0 was born, I was going to spend my month off work before baby potty training him. Then my sciatica put me on bedrest and I just couldn’t imagine walking back and forth from the bathroom 50 times in a day. Then baby was born. Then it was too cold. Then it was Spring time but we were too busy. Then Summer and we were never home. There were colds and trips and just general life getting in the way and being the perfect excuse. But I don’t mind that he’s only just potty training – diapers for a few extra months are totally worth more than 7 puddles of pee to wipe up (and wash Sammy up after splashing in them…)

Now to hope that my posting this doesn’t jinx everything!

Here’s hoping for a dry day tomorrow!


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