My Baby Is Not A Baby Anymore

Okay, I know. I’m being overly dramatic. But seriously… My baby turns ONE today!

12 Month Stats :
Height – *appointment is coming up soon for these*
Weight –
Head –

Favorites :
Meal – Banana with peanut butter (it totally counts as a meal!)
Fruit – Anything goes, but oranges are definitely a huge favourite!
Animal – You really like pointing out the cats that we pass on our walks
Toy – Blocks for us to build up and you to destroy
Word – “Hi” Your first word was “hi” and you love to wave… and say it over and over and over again
Book – Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Song – “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Uptown Funk” are big hits
Activity – You enjoy riding your bike and bugging your brother

Happy to be in the sand
Happy to be in the sand

Dear Sammy,

I’ll be honest, I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know if I should rave about what a wonderful little man you are or rant about the way you never sleep.


You’ve taken everything your father and I know about raising a baby and blown it out the window. You refuse to grow up in your older brothers shadow, instead finding your own place – even if that means doing everything the total opposite.


My pregnancy with you should have been warning lights for the fun you were about to bring into our lives. Long days, sleepless nights, months of teething, never ending sleep regressions, wrestling to get dressed or for a diaper change, having to baby proof… You’ve really done a number on us this past year!

Getting into trouble with your brother
Getting into trouble with your brother

It’s all worth it. So worth it.


You’re such a loving little man who enjoys kisses, snuggles and being up. You love to stroke my cheek as you drift off at night. You give me hugs when your unsure of your surroundings. You blow me kisses and wave hi when you walk (well, crawl) into a room and see me. You love to snuggle up and play on my lap.


You’re also a very adventurous little man who wants to see the world around him. You won’t pass up the chance to crawl through sand, scooping it up with your hands. You will climb the highest point you can access (or that you can reach before being caught)

Always climbing...
Always climbing…

You love to make friends – especially with anyone who has fruit. Many times at the park, you’ll go from happily playing in the dirt to trying to mooch food from someone in a matter of seconds.


While you aren’t fully walking, you’ve mastered a few steps. You’re so excited and proud of yourself – it’s hard not to encourage you to walk more!

Your first word was “HI!” and that’s also your favourite word. You love to greet everyone with a “HI” and a wave – whether they are coming or going.


You’re starting to understand more things around you. When Dean sits down to get his shoes on, you crawl over and offer me a foot to get yours on, too. I can ask you where things are and you point to them.


Part of me wants to keep you this little forever but the other part of me can’t wait for you to grow bigger so we can do more things.

You’re my sweet, happy, little baby boy. You’re our chunky monkey.

Sleepy snuggles <3
Sleepy snuggles ❤

We love you lots,
Forever and always.


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