[Service Review] [Product Review] Edibles : Steeped Tea

A few weeks ago, I met this wonderful lady at the park by my sons preschool. We chatted and hit it off. We found out that we were both part of the same Facebook mom group and exchanged names.

A few hours later, I was browsing Facebook while getting Sammy to sleep and saw that she was looking for people to sample tea.

DUDE! Sign me up!

Steeped Tea
Steeped Tea

Chelle sent me a list of all the flavours and I spent far longer than I should have dwelling over which flavours I wanted to sample! It was a very hard choice! Naming my children was easy in comparison (honestly, but that’s because I’m a nerd)

I received my package of three samples in the mail and it was CHRISTMAS! And well, it kind of was… Because there was the Egg Noggin’ tea in my envelope. I also got samples of Creme Caramello and Chocolate Pumpkin Chai. SO DELISH!

It’s taken me a few weeks to finally get a chance to savour all three of my samples. I love tea and would drink it all day long if I could but with two little monsters demons boys, I rarely get to finish my tea before it’s cold. And well, this tea deserves to be savoured. Because Oh. Em. Gee. This tea is amazing quality!

I made the swap from the grocery store teas to an actual tea store recently. But this? This deserves to be stashed away and hidden and never shared. Ever. Even if the Queen came over and asked for tea. She can have the cheap grocery store brand!

An added bonus? By buying my tea through direct sales, I am helping support a local mom in her business venture!

I’m getting my order ready to submit to receive it in time for Christmas. A little something for me and a couple of Christmas gifts to cross off my list! Ordering is so simple – choosing the flavours, on the other hand, take a bit of work! Life’s big decisions!

Egg Nogging - HELLO Holidays!!
Egg Nogging – HELLO Holidays!!

If you are looking for some tasty tea, check out Chelle’s Steeped Tea page! She’s been a dream answering my questions and giving me suggestions for flavours!

Check out her Facebook page and follow it – she does various deals and discounts and even FREE prizes! (Seriously, free tea… How awesome is that?!)

*  I received free samples to review this product. The opinions are entirely my own.


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