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Household Final


For the first post, I have three great companies – and three amazing ladies – to showcase. There are so many products to look through. Your best friend who loves baking? Your sister in law is expecting a baby? Your mother in law loves tea? Done, done, done. Get that pen ready – you’re bound to cross someone off your list!



Tupperware – Marilyn + team (Jamie and Marie)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/TupperwareVIP/
Email : tupperware_mer@yahoo.com
Website : www.molinski.my.tupperware.ca

There’s still many of the classics that your mom used but Tupperware has so much more now than just bowls. See what’s new in Tupperware by shopping online or shopping at home with friends and earning free Tupperware by hosting a party. 65+ years and still one of the most trusted brands with innovative products for food prep, storage, serving and entertaining.

Marilyn favourite product : The Chop ‘N Prep Chef. It’s a small, lightweight, portable, non electric food chopper. It uses a pull cord to operate 3 blades that very quickly will dice, chop, puree most foods. So many uses from dicing onions and chopping herbs for everyday meals to chopping nuts and candies for baked desserts and ice cream toppings. Mom’s of babies love it for quickly chopping up the family’s meals when they are just starting solids.

Chop N Prep Chef - Tupperware
Chop N Prep Chef – Tupperware

My personal favourite from Tupperware, to date, is the snack cups. They are half-cup sized so they are perfect for the boy’s lunches. I hate to pack Dean and Sammy’s apples together as I have to peel Sammy’s and cut his thinner. The snack cups also fit perfectly into the stroller cupholder on their trays so it’s harder for my little monsters to loose them (but not impossible – I’m down a cup already and not sure to blame the boys or my husband…) The snack cups came in a pack of ten so I can lose a few more before I need to reorder! *I ended up buying these as a back to school special a month or two ago – the usual ones come in 4’s and the colours are different *

Snack Cups - Tupperware
Snack Cups – Tupperware







Norwex – Julie

Facebook : www.facebook.com/cleanlivingwithjulie
Website : www.juliearnold.norwex.biz

Norwex’s Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in our homes. Simplify and go green by using only water to clean your home; save time, money, your health, and the environment!

Julie recommends : The best and most important product we have is our Basic Pack -a set of two microfiber cloths that can clean your whole home, with just water! When used properly they can pick up 99% of bacteria and leave your surfaces truly clean and free of anything harmful for you and your family. Use the Enviro cloth wet to clean and dry/polish away any streaks with the Window cloth. no other products needed! Our microfiber is the finest on the market and contains silver, which inhibits bacterial growth within the cloth – so you can use it many times before having to wash it, and it won’t get smelly! If the concept of using just water to clean is a little foreign to you, this quick video explains it all! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2FdxJwbTQu8


Basic Pack - Norwex
Basic Pack – Norwex

My favourite product from Norwex is the baby wash cloths. They have been in heavy rotation for over a year now. Not only do they clean pasta off the boys with a single rinse (vs having to rinse the cloth over and over to avoid spreading the pasta sauce all over them) but they also last for a few uses without having to wash them. We had the simple, thin fabric cloths from Toys R Us for my first but they were single use between washes – they would absorb smells and it would stink! I wouldn’t dare wiping my son after dinner with a cloth I had used with breakfast. But the Norwex ones have been a life (and laundry!) saver!

Baby Washcloths - Norwex
Baby Washcloths – Norwex





Steeped Tea
Steeped Tea

Steeped Tea – Chelle

Facebook: fb.me/tasteteawithchelle
Instagram: http://bit.ly/instatasteteachelle
Catalog Shopping: http://bit.ly/Shoptea
Email: tasteteawithchelle@hotmail.com

Steeped Tea is a Canadian, Dragon’s Den partnered company that offer ethically sourced premium loose leaf teas, artisan soaps, tea-based seasonings, scone & muffin mixes, tea hardware & accessories.
As your “Tea Lady”, Chelle creates fun, informative & delicious tasting events that can be mild or wild for those who are new to tea or are established sippers.

Chelle recommends : her favourite, must have, would be lost without product is our Clearly Navy Pop Top Tumbler. It is so just lovely watching the tea steep through the double walled glass interior. And it’s so convenient! I LOVE being able to take my tea on the go: to work, the playground or just in the car while doing errands! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/ClearlyNavyPopTop
Looking for something a little more rugged? Our Pop Top Tumblers are also available in stainless steel as Teal, Purple, Lime Green or Earl Grey.

Steeped Tea
Pop Top Tumblers – Steeped Tea

I featured Steeped Tea with Chelle recently on my blog after getting a few flavours to sample. I ordered some tea from her a week or two ago and received it today. I am currently enjoying my all time favourite – Egg Noggin’ – as I type this. There are so many different blends. I have many more flavours on my wish list. Store bought tea is so a thing of the past now!

Egg Noggin' - Steeped Tea
Egg Noggin’ – Steeped Tea



Did you find any items that *you* hope to find under your Christmas tree this year?


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