[ #supportlocal ] Christmas Shopping : Health and Wellness

Health and wellness final


Here’s another round up of amazing ladies! There’s many different ideas on their sites for stocking stuffers and gift baskets. Spices, trees, flowers, herbs… Diffusers, hand creams, soaps…. It’s an endless list of ideas!



DoTerra Essential Oils – Vikki

Website : www.mydoterra.com/vjruppel
Email : vjruppel@gmail.com

dōTERRA provides superior therapeutic-grade essential oils and wellness products. Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature’s most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Nikki’s favourite and most used oil is Peppermint! She loves it because it has so many uses, is super potent (1 drop equals 28 cups of tea!) and is only 10¢ a drop. She diffuses it, use it for upset tummys and headaches, she put a drop in my hands and inhale for alertness when my 4:00 slump hits, it can be used to keep fevers down and for hot flashes (or in a spray bottle with water on a hot, summer day). I even add a drop to my Timmy’s Iced Capp’s and Hot Chocolate. It’s also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic!!

Peppermint Oil - doTERRA
Peppermint Oil – doTERRA

There are so many different oils! What caught my attention on their website was the doTERRA Breathe product. I’m currently battling an illness and the idea of being able to get air through this stuffy nose of mine sounds like a dream come true!


Breathe - doTERRA
Breathe – doTERRA


Hannah's Natural Spa
Hannah’s Natural Spa

Hannah’s Natural Spa – Hannah

Email: hdarby.spa@gmail.com
Website: www.hannahdarby.ca
Facebook : www.Facebook.com/HannahNaturalSpa

At Hannah’s Natural Spa Products, we bring you; Body butters, Massage oils, Room and Body Misters and Lip Balms made from natural products, organic when possible along with co-impact sourced essential oils. Custom blends and products available upon request.

Hannah’s favourite product is The Multi-Purpose Butter. She originally created it while pregnant to apply to her growing and stretching tummy. She ended up falling in love with the scent and texture and all the different ways she could use it, from stretching belly to animal scratches, to scrapes and paper cuts, tired feet at the end of a long day and so much more!

Multipurpose Butter - Hannah's Natural Spa
Multipurpose Butter – Hannah’s Natural Spa

The Spiced Tea Lip Balm is on my wish list. Hands down. Spiced? Tea? Yes, please! There’s a lip balm I wouldn’t be forgetting to use. Sounds delicious!

Spiced Tea Lip Balm - Hannah's Natural Spa
Spiced Tea Lip Balm – Hannah’s Natural Spa


Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils – Jessica’s Drops of Joys

Facebook : www.facebook.com/jessdropsofjoy
Email : j.belanger.yl@gmail.com

Young Living Essential Oils is a world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world which actually owns a number of its own farms, and sets the standard for purity and quality with its Seed to Seal Guarantee. Young Living Oils are 100% pure, contain absolutely no synthetics or chemicals and are extracted by steam distillation and pressing methods that ensure the best of the oils are being bottled.

It was hard for Jessica to choose a favourite product. She has so many oils for so many different uses, but the one she finds herself reaching for most would be Young Living 100% pure Lavender oil. It is the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils. She uses it on a regular basis for help with sleep issues, to dry up sniffly noses, to soothe cuts, scrapes, burns and skin irritations, to help relax muscles and even to help her dog to chill out when we are travelling across the country.

Young Living Essential Oils
Lavender Oil – Young Living Essential Oils

I spent some time surfing the site and what stood out to me is the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier. This would be on my wish list! It would be perfect for on the go with two little boys who touch everything and anything, especially when we’re just about to have snack. I don’t use antibacterial hand junk on them because I wonder which is more harmful – the germs on their hands or the chemicals in the hand sanitizer. But an all natural option? Fantastic!

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier - Young Living Essential Oils
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier – Young Living Essential Oils



NYC Gluten Free
NYC Gluten Free

NYC – Gluten Free – Elle

Facebook : www.facebook.com/NYC.GFree

The company started with the dream of a young woman in Queens, New York City, wanting to open a bakery. She had no idea she would one day immigrate to Vancouver to be with the man of her dreams, nor did they realize, her now husband, would be diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease just two short years later. In 2010, the family came to be gluten free when there was not yet an industry; they began cooking and baking, experimenting gluten free, in order to gain a sense of normalcy for her family.
In 2015, with a stroke of luck, they took a chance and decided to take to the streets offering a variety of gourmet gluten and nut free baked goods to the public, as people with nut allergies face similar if not more difficult struggles when choosing products.

Elle’s favourite product is the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Twelve years in the making and five years Gluten-Free, it’s the truly the perfect blend! The blend of fine chocolates and rich cookie make this piece of ambrosia their top seller.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - NYC Gluten Free
Chocolate Chip Cookies – NYC Gluten Free

I’m a fan of baked goods – they’re always much more tasty and way more healthier! I haven’t tried many gluten free options but, that aside, the Gourmet Italian Bakery Cookies look delicious. And the sprinkles appeal to my inner child, for sure!

Gourmet Italian Bakery Cookies - NYC Gluten Free
Gourmet Italian Bakery Cookies – NYC Gluten Free



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