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handmade final

I just spent an hour surfing these companies! Thank goodness my credit card wasn’t on hand…. YIKES! Check out their pages below – there are some FANTASTIC things that they offer! They are all handmade. These ladies have major talent!!


Ribbons and Threads
Ribbons and Threads

Ribbons and Threads – Allison

Facebook : www.facebook.com/RibbonsandThreads

Allison is a mom who loves to sew and create adorable, practical, and durable baby items. Everything she creates is machine washable and dryable, and crafted of the highest quality materials. Her baby has tried and tested every item she create, and he definitely approves!

Allison’s favourite item is her Bib Collection. All of her bibs are reversible, and use the cutest fabrics. From drooling to a toddler dining out, she’s got those clothes covered, in style!

Birthday Bib - Ribbons and Threads
Birthday Bib – Ribbons and Threads

I bought some bibs for Sammy what feels like eons ago (but really, only like 6-8 months ago) and absolutely loved them. They were wonderful at keeping him dry through his constant dripping teething drool. I loved that they were reversible and they absorbed everything but didn’t leak through! How awesome!!

Drool Bib - Ribbons and Threads
Drool Bib – Ribbons and Threads


Little Beau Boutique
Little Beau Boutique

Little Beau Boutique – Erin

Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleBeauB
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/littlebeaunoutique/

The business started when she was looking to buy a bow tie for her son. She found plaid and plain; not a lot of variety. She wanted something special for her little guy so she decided she would make her own. There isn’t a lot of little boy accessories on the market and she wanted to take it a step forward and do something different. Her goal is to see little men running around wearing ridiculously cute bow ties. The bow ties are 100% reclaimed material most are vintage silks and wools. Each one is one of a kind, exclusive and hand made. There are some beautiful wooly ones and others that are so structured but extravagant and others that are delicate silk that allow for movement. She loves mixing and matching patterned shirts and bow ties. Bow ties are the perfect way to bring colours together for photoshoots, add extra flair, and a great way for your little man to stand out.

Erin finds it hard to pick one favourite but, if she had to, it would be ‘The Gent’. It’s recycled wool and has such beautiful colours woven in to the tie.

"Gent" - Little Beau Boutique
“Gent” – Little Beau Boutique

I love the shimmer in the “Stamos” tie – it’s subtle but flashy. It’s adorable!

"Stamos" - Little Beau Boutique
“Stamos” – Little Beau Boutique


Lil' Beanz Boutique
Lil’ Beanz Boutique

Lil’ Beanz Boutique – Christy

Facebook : Facebook.com/lilbeanzboutique
Email: Christy@lilbeanz.com

Locally made accessories for your lil’ ones! Christy is a stay at home mom of 2 little boys and she loves to do custom orders! She makes everything from Tula & carrier accessories to blankets, bibs, wetbags and more, if you’re looking for something special give her a ring!!

A favorite product among most of her customers has to be the Travel Chalkboard Mat. These mats roll up and come with 2 pieces of chalk and a felt eraser. They are great for car rides, planes trips, restaurants, waiting rooms and more! They roll up small enough to tuck into your diaper bag or backpack and are great for all ages.

Traveling Chalkboard Mat - Lil' Beanz Boutique
Traveling Chalkboard Mat – Lil’ Beanz Boutique

I won’t lie. I’ve browsed her website a number of times to check out the Tula accessories. I keep churning my carriers though so it’s hard to invest in accessories (when I upgrade to a toddler Tula for my youngest, I will definitely be getting a set!) They are so cute. She uses great fabrics and patterns that compliment each other.

Tula (in Sidekick print) - Lil' Beanz Boutique
Tula (in Sidekick print) – Lil’ Beanz Boutique



Lil Pillows
Lil Pillows

Lil Pillows  – Lilla

Facebook : www.facebook.com/lilpillows

Lilla creates customized personalized pillows! She started out making these little pillows for her daughters and their friends as gifts. She has always found things with your very own names on them to be extra special, especially when you have an uncommon name or one with an unique spelling.

The pillows measure about 13.5-inch square so they are the perfect size for a decorative cushion for the bed or the rocking chair in the nursery. The pillow is made with cotton canvas with a poly-filled inner cushion. These are some of my favorite designs.


Personalized Pillows - Lil Pillows
Personalized Pillows – Lil Pillows

Didn’t take me long to pick a favourite in her gallery! P-P-P-Paw Patrol! Dean would go crazy for a pillow like this!

Personalized Pillow - Lil Pillows
Personalized Pillow – Lil Pillows


Burlap and Tulle
Burlap and Tulle

Burlap and Tulle – Gemma

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Burlapandtulle/

Burlap and Tulle dresses your baby in limited edition baby wear and accessories. They also support local mom crafters by featuring them on our page. How cool is that?!

Gemma’s favourite is the Christmas Santa sack! Santa delivers his gifts in this reusable and personalized canvas sack.

Christmas Santa Sack - Burlap and Tulle
Christmas Santa Sack – Burlap and Tulle

I love the Santa Clause key. It’s such a cute idea and she’s taken it a step up with an extravagant key and a beautiful note along with it.

Magical Santa Key - Burlap and Tulle
Magical Santa Key – Burlap and Tulle


JOY by Kandis Ivy
JOY by Kandis Ivy

Joy by Kandis Ivy – Kandis Ivy

Website : www.kandisivy.storenvy.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/joybykandisivy

Clothes for the cool kids. Each item is handmade with love in British Columbia.

Her favourite item is the leggings! Not only are they super cute, but the organic cotton and no-roll waist band are so comfy for your little one. They are also longer than most store bought brands, with cuffs that can be rolled up or down, to get the most wear out of them. This also makes them perfect for babywearing, No cold legs because pant legs ride up.

Leggings - JOY by Kandis Ivy
Leggings – JOY by Kandis Ivy

I love the slouchy beanies! They look so cozy and warm. And very stylish! (If only that meant that my toddler would keep it on his head… Lol!) I’m eyeing this one for Sammy for Christmas. It would be adorable on him!

Grey Slouchy Beanie - JOY by Kandis Ivy
Grey Slouchy Beanie – JOY by Kandis Ivy



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