Another Year, Another Half Birthday!

Holy moly… Three and a half!


Seriously, when did my little tiny baby turn into such an awesome *child*?! I can’t call him a toddler or a baby. And that’s pretty darned heartbreaking.

The stats :
Height – 39.5″ tall
Weight – 33lbs

Someone finally gained some weight (and kept it on!) We’ve been bouncing around 29-30lbs for months now…


Favorites :
Meal – Pizza
Fruit – Blueberries
Animal – Dogs
Toy – Lego and Duplo, tough to say which one more
Book – Lego easy readers – specifically the 3,2,1 Lift Off right now
Song – “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, still
TV – “Mighty Machines”
Activity – Riding your bike, bugging your brother, puddle jumping and baking




You are still a little ball of energy. Energy that is hopped up on energy drinks…
Life with you is constantly on the go. There’s things to do, people to see, places to explore. You don’t believe in holding back or slowing down!

Preschool started just after your third birthday. You’ve been loving it. It’s been full of adventure and excitement and chaos. There’s 12 boys in the class of 18 children – and you’re pretty much all first / only kids so there’s a lot of head butting (both figuratively and literally!) going on in the class.
You’re learning to play cooperatively with others. You’re learning empathy. You’re learning so much.


You and Sammy have begun to get into trouble together. It’s begun much sooner than I was expecting… The two of you are going to be such a nightmare when you can start getting into *real* trouble together.
You love to play together at times (I’ll be honest, there are times I have to keep you guys 10 feet apart!) If Sammy wanders away from where you are playing or goes to nap without you realizing it, you’ll ask where he is because you want to play with him.


You are getting to be so creative and have an amazing imagination! You create all sorts of things with your lego and duplo. You go on all sorts of adventures to space. You can take a simple path of stones and turn it into a lava game.


It’s so hard watching you grow. I don’t want to say goodbye to these younger years. But at the same time, I can’t help but watch in awe and love. You’re so full of adventure and love. And crazy. Definitely lots of crazy.


One of these days you aren’t going to fit onto my lap and snuggled into my chest like you can now. But until then, I will keep on getting all the cuddles I can!


I love you, my little Monkey Deaners.


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