When Daddy is Away…

The viruses will play?


Jason left yesterday morning for a business trip. Six days to Florida… Must be nice! Sunshine, Universal Studios (okay, maybe it wasn’t an all-business business trip), and sleep. Glorious, uninterrupted sleep.

I may be a bit jealous.


Twelve hours after his flight took off, Dean woke from his deep sleep, screaming and crying that there was muck in his bed and that his puppies were going to get dirty. I could tell it was a panicked cry that comes with a high fever so I went in thinking that the “muck” would be vomit. And the vomit would be everywhere.

Thank God I was wrong! The muck was just a hallucination. Phew! Poor guy was feverish though. He was 40.5c. I grabbed the Motrin, dosed the child and hoped it didn’t get worse overnight.

Two hours before he woke in a frenzy, I had committed myself to sleep training Sammy. No more sleeping with him in his bed – I swapped his double bed with the crib converted as a toddler bed. No more soother – he had gone to bed with some fuss but without it. I’ve been putting it off for months and decided that since Jason is out of town, it would be the best time. I have no choice but to get up with him every time. Being the only one that goes in will help with the consistency of getting him to learn to self soothe and put himself back to sleep… But oh man, it’s going to be a long week ahead!

Fast asleep in the toddler bed!

When Dean woke, crying, he also woke Sammy. Mommy was feeling to pull of both boys needing her so I made the executive decision of popping Sammy’s soother in his mouth as I walked by his room en route to Dean. Yup, two hours in and I already caved. Ha!


The boys slept okay. I stayed up for an hour or two after Dean woke so I could check his temp and dose with Tylenol if needed. When I did finally go to bed, Sammy woke. So I went back to his room, laid him back down and then stood at the door. I found that leaving the room would bring him to the doorway. But if I stood at the door, he would look for me then lay his head back down. After 15 minutes standing at the door I could slip out and go back to my bed. An hour later, Dean woke up. I got him settled with some more water and back to sleep. I went to bed again, then Sammy woke. Back to standing at his door. Then back to my bed. Then Dean woke. I ended up just bringing him into my bed so we could both sleep a bit. Add in to the lack of sleep the fact that it was Daylight Savings Time last night so we lost an hour of sleep from that!

Phew! Even just writing that makes me realize why I am so tired!


Today was a very slow, lazy day. Dean watched TV most of the day. We had to go get groceries so I loaded him into the stroller and put Sammy in the carrier and we went for the two hour trip to the grocery store. We came home and Dean watched more TV. The poor boy just wanted to sit and rest – didn’t even have any interest in playing in the backyard when I tried to bribe him into moving around a bit.

Too tired to even eat… Hard choice between sleeping, eating or watching TV.

We’ve hit the maximum doses for Motrin and Tylenol for a 24 hour period. I’m hoping for some peace and solid sleep, for all of us, tonight.



Five more sleeps until my husband is home. Then I’m sleeping in until the next afternoon! It’s been one night and I already feel exhausted!


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