Unplugging From Technology

We’ve been having some really relaxing and peaceful days around here lately.

With the husband out of town and oldest just getting over a sporadic, high and quickly over fever, we’ve been taking it easy. Quiet days at home with minimal adventures. Staying close to home. Parks. Walks. Arts and crafts.

And, uh, a lot of television.

Like, a shameful amount.

Because, well, there’s only one way to keep my child calm and relaxed while fighting a 40.5C fever. And no, drugging him isn’t the way. 😉


I’m also very guilty for having my phone with me and on hand during these moments (read : extended periods of time) of calm.

It’s time for a detox – for all of us!


Tomorrow we will be unplugging ourselves from technology. No TV for the boys, no surfing Facebook for me. Between 9a – 6p, it will be just me and the boys and our sense of adventure! (And as per usual, my phones camera totally doesn’t count!)


So, until tomorrow night, once the kids are in bed, farewell!



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