Mayhem At Its Best

Putting his baby brother to sleep

Sometimes I wonder what I got myself into.

Two kids, two years apart? What was I thinking?!

Ready, Steady, GO!


Up until a few months ago, it was like always trying to struggle to have two simultaneous conversations going on in two different languages while arguing two different sides of a story to keep both boys entertained, happy and prevent them from trying to murder each other.


Terrorizing the house

Lately, that’s changed.

At almost-one-and-a-half and three-and-a-half years old, they are becoming thick as thieves.

But it’s not as great as you would think!


Sammy follows Dean around the house, copying all his troublemaking ways. And Dean summons his little brother like a little puppy when Sammy loses interest for a half-second. They get into all sorts of trouble together…

Dean recently got a loft bed. It’s not a high loft bed but the KURA bed from IKEA that is about four feet high. It’s great – he loves the thing and it makes his room fun and roomy.

It also makes his room a death trap as both boys LOVE to climb and/or jump from the top to the double mattress that is on the floor. Dean also enjoys jumping from the bed and trying to “ring the bell” (aka hit the blind pull string) on his way down.

They wrestle on the double bed. Sammy has learned how to tackle and he does it quite gracefully. And Dean doesn’t stand a chance against his lower-centre-of-gravity brother who isn’t much lighter than him.

“Going to school”

Another new favourite is to take bins of toys from their room and scatter them everywhere. They run around, shrieking, as they spread the 1248905 toys around.

And laugh even harder when I trip or step on a piece of lego and shout some profanity that would make even a pirate cringe. Because Jason thought that one of those Fill-You-Bin-For-X-Amount only makes sense for a three year old when you fill it with a billion lights and single, tiny, little, itty bitty detail pieces.



The boys play together well, I have to admit.

It’s glorious when they can entertain themselves for a good twenty minutes so I can Facebook clean. And when I don’t have to read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” for the twelfth time that day, it does wonders for my sanity!

Beddy-Bye, Goodnight

But when the hooligans get into some mischief together, beware. It’s going down. And it’s going down, fast. They can flip the switch so fast and I usually have to stop Dean from head butting Sammy, as Sammy is trying to smash Dean with a toy train. They can be best buds until they don’t see eye to eye on how to tear apart the living room… Then its all about tearing apart each other.


I can’t imagine any other age difference than the two years they have… It’s been a dream. Aside from when Sammy was going through the sleep regression at the same time as Dean was going through the peak of the terrible twos. I could have done without that!


I hope that as they grow, their bond does, too. ❤



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