Week Two – Weighing In

It’s been two weeks since I’ve begun on my journey to lose weight and get back towards my pre-pregnancy weight.


How is it going, you ask?

Well, everything is kind of done on a whim. I haven’t gotten a routine down, nor do I have a plan that I am following for eating.

I was hoping to have something figured out by now, but as we’re adjusting to no preschool for the summer, getting ready to move and other events going on, I just haven’t been able to map out a plan yet.


I’ve made much better choices in my habits though. I have only had one Starbucks in the past fourteens days. That’s HUGE. And, even then, that one coffee was a better choice than what I would have normally picked. I’ve been making sure to eat while we are out on adventures, rather than coming home ravenous and downing a half the pantry in an attempt of hanger-management.

I’ve always been fairly good about drinking at least 1L of water every day but now I am around 2L per day.

I have noticed an increase in energy from the eating and the amount of water I drink.

This baby will be arriving any day now!

I haven’t been increasing activity a ton yet but we’ve always been fairly active. I would like to get some sort of workout routine but until then, we just go on plenty of walks and lots of bike rides. I’ve been getting about 25km on the bike each week and hope to be increasing it with the new bike next week!


But, without a plan and without a routine, I have still managed to lose 6lbs in the past two weeks. The scale is moving and I’m slowly noticing a slight difference.

I’m hoping to implement some kind of regime in the upcoming weeks.

Our new house will have a small gym with an elliptical and weight set so I hope to add in some lifting into the mix. And the elliptical will be great for some cardio since running doesn’t agree with my knees.


I’m quite happy with my results, just from the small changes I’ve done so far. I’m looking forward to more results!


I’ve got some before and during photos in the process, but until then, I’ll leave you with my progress photo from pre-babies. 🙂

Six month progression photo, 2011