Guess Who’s Back….

Back again!


I took a hiatus for the summer. With the move, summer weather and Fart, we’ve been very busy!


What’s Fart, you ask?

Cruising on Fart


Fart is our new cargo bike! He’s a big part of our days. We’ve been clocking over 100 kilometres each week for the past two months. It’s been amazing and exciting. We’ve had plenty of big adventures and an abundance of faster-run errands or local trips.



Diapers? No problem!


The boys love riding around town on the bike that my oldest has affectionately named Fart. We can use it on the skytrain so that’s expanded our reach for biking. It’s been wonderful and I’m  looking forward to using it for commuting to and from Nature Preschool starting next month.


Summer has been busy.

We’ve been busy.

Moving Day

The move has gone well. We are in the new house and are feeling at home these past six weeks. The kids have a playroom and the living room and their bedrooms filled with toys – why wouldn’t they love it?! We’re still in the process of unpacking the “junk boxes” of things we don’t know where to put yet. We have a small room off the laundry room (aka our future gym) that is full of stuff and our dining room is stacked chest height with boxes of things for sale and of my in-laws things for them to go through and decide to keep / sell / donate etc. Once the dining room is cleared out, we have to figure out what to do with that room.


We’ve been on many outings with our gorgeous weather we *were* having. It’s since turned cloudy and wet but in the past two months we’ve rarely had rain!

Summer fun!


Our summer has been full of parks, play dates, Science World, Aquarium, bike rides (so, so many), water parks, swimming, PNE and playing in the backyard. We didn’t get to do too much hiking or geocaching. And we didn’t get to Granville Island or water slides as I hoped but that’s not surprising with our other activities. That’s okay, there’s next year! And the next!



I’m looking forward to Fall. Cooler weather and calmer days. We’ll be bringing out more crafts (once I can find the box of supplies…) and we’ll be looking at more local activities that are close by. Strong Start, Family Place, Nature Preschool, recreation centre lessons, lots of fun to be had! It will be nice to slow down.

A rare moment with both relaxing for a moment



I’ll be blogging more now that things aren’t as busy.

Be sure to check back! I’ll be posting more about our summer fun, a recent diagnosis from my doctor, a fiery Sunday and much more. ❤