The Diet That Lasted 2.25 Days…

So, remember that I was supposed to start Weight Watchers on Monday?

I started it.


And then, this morning, I ended it.


I did Weight Watchers years ago, for about six months before I got married. I enjoyed the ease of use, the app and the simplicity of it all.

I found it hard to get back into this time around. The app has some big flaws and with chasing two young children around all the time, I just don’t have time for that!

After chatting with their tech support, I received a refund and have parted ways.


I’m going to start up in the morning using another tested and true app to help me log food / calories. I used Calorie Count for a while and liked how it would show me my overall pie chart for fats, proteins and other nutrients. I could see when I was eating too many carbs or not enough protein. I could adjust my days to make my meal planning more rounded. It has a very easy flow for logging foods – and I can use weight to measure, instead of cups. Which really speeds up the process.

I need something fast, easy and effective. If I have to spend too much time on it, it’s going to get neglected. I’ve got too much stuff keeping me busy that I can’t spend all day measuring out my foods while my boys are terrorizing the house. If it’s complicated, I have no interest. If it’s not going to be effective because I’m eyeballing cups while trying get everyone fed breakfast, I’m not going to want to stick with it.


So while my Weight Watchers diet has ended, tomorrow I begin back on Calorie Count. I’ve still kept on track with eating today, though it was tempting to let loose at IKEA (their Mac N Cheese is amaze-balls and so bad for you) but I kept in check and kept my meals clean and portioned.


So, bring on tomorrow!




Bye, Bye, Baby (Weight)

Is it still considered baby weight when it’s nearly four years old?


I’ve been a baby-making / baby-feeding machine for more years than not recently. Between being pregnant and nursing, I have put on almost all of the weight that I had previously lost.

Before we married, in November 2011, I had lost 85lbs. It took me two and a half years, but I was at my lowest weight I had been since I was a child. Not a teen. Not a preteen. But a child.

When I got pregnant two weeks later, the weight immediately started creeping back. After eating at weight loss and weight maintenance for years, suddenly eating at a normal amount was a shock for my body and it held onto every ounce of delicious food.

Everyone claims that breastfeeding makes the baby weight melt away – WHAT. EVER. Nope! I continued to gain. I couldn’t lose weight, even while trying to eat healthy, smaller portions and exercised a fair amount. It just wasn’t happening.


Fast forward nearly five years since our wedding, I am still holding onto all that weight. And then some.


It’s time for us to part ways.

Before and After : 2011

Starting Monday, I am starting back on Weight Watchers. I used it for a bit towards the end of my last weight loss (for the last 10lbs or so) and I liked the easy interface and flexibility to have a treat here and there.

I’m looking forward to getting to a healthier me!


My next check in will be in two weeks from my start : check back in towards the end of June for an update!

When You’re Always Go-Go-Go But Your Back Screams STOP!

I hate sitting still.

Anyone who knows me, knows this.


My days off would be spent going on an adventure with Dean to the Aquarium or Science World or to at least three different parks.

In the evening, I do tend to settle on the couch for a bit, but sometimes even that is too much downtime for me.


For the past two months, I have barely done any baby-prep around the house, as I was going to take a month off before baby was due to spend time with Dean and get things ready. I figured I had plenty of time and lots of energy for it. I was feeling great (as awesome as an eight month pregnant woman can feel when suffering from acid reflux, insomnia and a slew of other symptoms, that is)

Then, two days into maternity leave (technically, it was still the long weekend so really maternity leave wasn’t even started yet!) I tripped while bringing in a basket full of laundry. It hurt and the pain lingered. But I didn’t think much of it.

Two days after that, I had back pain that only really bothered me when I was taking the first few steps then it would just be more of a discomfort.

The day after that? I could barely walk without cringing from pain. And it only got worse as the day went on. I spent most of the day on the couch. I even let my son watch his first full movie… I just couldn’t move without stabbing pain in my back/pelvic area.

A call to Medeo ended with a “soft diagnoses” (they couldn’t quite diagnose it over the app, but the doctor felt confident that was the answer) that it’s sciatica, which is essentially a herniated lumbar disc.

Friday morning I went to the chiropractor and walked out with a bit of relief. I have tried to keep walking and lifting to a minimum since then, spending most of my day on the couch or the rocker outside while Dean gets some fresh air. He’s been watching Planes every day since Friday as we need something to fill in our day that doesn’t require too much effort from me. While I feel terrible for letting him watch so much TV, I’ve also been trying to give myself a break and accept that it is some much needed downtime. He has viral bronchitis so he is benefiting from the rest as well. We still do plenty of reading, building and other play. And it’s not like he’s begging to watch movies all day, from the moment he wakes up. To be honest, we made it until 5pm today before *I* suggested we go relax with a movie. Haha!

I’ve gone three times to the chiropractor and my pelvis and back are definitely feeling better. I’ve got limited range of motion though. And walking is still painful. Stairs or single steps up and down and not possible without flinching from the pain.

It’s making it hard to prepare for baby. I still have plenty of things on my to-do lists. But I’ve had to accept that they won’t all get done. We’re basically ready for baby, in the essentials department, though I have more things around the house that I wanted to get organized and sorted and cleaned before baby came. I may still have time to get them done, as I am not due for another three weeks and hope this pain won’t be sticking around that long.

I’ve been on self-appointed (well, actually, husband-demanded) bed rest for a week now. I still walk to appointments (slowly and painfully) and do a bit around the house, but I’ve been taking it very easy. And it’s driving me crazy.

I can’t wait until this pain subsides and the injury heals. I need to do things. I need to get Dean to the park. I need to get off my butt and vacuum the house (Dean did a decent job last week when I put him to work, but with a dog, husband and toddler, it’s needing to be done again)

While I definitely won’t be jumping into overdoing it once I’m feeling better, I will definitely be taking a slow stroll to the park with Dean, maybe grabbing a coffee on the way!

A Trip to the Dietitian

I’ve always been curious about going to a dietitian. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. Sure, I drink more Starbucks than I should. And my husband is a bad influence and I have no willpower. But when looking at calories in vs calories out, it just doesn’t make sense.

With the midwifery program I attend at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Centre in Surrey, I get free access to a dietitian and a doula (both of which are not covered by MSP and can cost quite a bit to visit) With my weight loss of 20lbs since January 1st (10lbs intentional before learning I was pregnant, 10lbs from morning sickness) my midwife thought it would be good to go see her. While I stopped trying to lose weight after finding out I was pregnant, I have been hoping that I can keep weight gain to a minimum and not end up 50lbs heavier at the end of the pregnancy, like with my first.


Yesterday was my first visit. We discussed my current eating habits (and I even admitted that yes, we eat out more than we should and yes, I have been indulging in more junk food than I should be) and she asked for some example meal days. I wrote out a few days worth of examples and she right away noticed that I am lacking about 2/3 of the recommended dairy each day and also missing a LOT of my meat and meat alternatives. I typically get the proper amount of grains and close to recommended veggies and fruits. But I really need to increase my dairy and the meat and meat alternatives.

She gave me some tips on things I could change in my diet so that I can get these requirements. And also suggested taking Omega 3 and 6, along with Vitamin D pills.

I’m not allowed to lose anymore weight, especially as I am nearing the 20 week mark. However, as baby gains weight, I am allowed to keep our overall weight the same. So I can maintain our overall weight at 195lbs right up until the day I deliver, as baby will be growing but I can lose a bit. I have to weigh myself weekly at home now. If I drop more to 190lbs, I will need to go back in. She also wants me to keep a food diary over the next month (not everyday but a few days per week) and go back for another visit in a months time.

I’m going to start doing smoothies in the morning for Dean and I (and I suppose the husband if he wants them) and try planning my meals better so they are more rounded and include more things.

And I’ll try to cut out the junk food… Though chocolate has been off the menu for the past few months – even hot chocolate makes me feel sick now. I’m pretty sure the baby is a girl, I’m actually quite set on the fact that it’s a girl (May 20th is our ultrasound and we will find out then!) but then there’s the moments that I feel sick from eating two mini eggs. And I have to ask myself, how can it be a girl when it doesn’t like chocolate?!