Changes Around The House…

We moved into our house, from the apartment, last August. There’s a lot of renovations that are needed around here, and a lot of things we would like to do but don’t need to be done.

Our plan was to do it slowly. And that’s exactly what’s happened!

When we moved in, we began cleaning the kitchen and found that the paint was peeling everywhere and that the walls were half-painted with random brush strokes all over the place. We decided to paint the kitchen first. But then learned that it was oil based paint… If you’ve ever had to paint over top of oil based paint, you’ll know my sorrow. It doesn’t hold. And the oil based paint just peels off. So you’re forced to sand the paint, to make it rougher, for the paint to absorb. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?


There was paint in the cupboards, under the cupboards, all over the doors, behind appliances, on the ceiling… EVERYWHERE. So I ended up having to take a hand sander to every single surface in the kitchen before I could even paint.

It took over 60 hours of work and the help of my in-laws and husband, and a HUGE amount of elbow grease, but we got it all sanded and painted. And it looked gorgeous. However, we didn’t get the doors done due to moving in, me starting work and Dean becoming more mobile all at once. We’ve been living without cupboards in our kitchen for ten months now.

I’m hoping to get a chance to get them sanded and painted this summer so we can reinstall the doors on the cupboards. I can only imagine what a newly-crawling, newly-exploring baby would get into with the cupboard doors off around next Spring…

We also are doing some musical-rooms in the house. Right now the smallest room is empty, Dean is in the medium room and we are in the Master Bedroom. We’re going to move into the smallest room, Dean is going to move into the Master Bedroom and Baby Applesauce is going to take Dean’s room.

Both the Master Bedroom and (currently) spare room will need painting and baseboards put in. And the closet doors all need a bit of “child proofing” as they hang on rails and could be pushed in easily.

On top of that, we need to do some organization around the living room to make room for Baby Applesauces baby-stuff. The swing, playpen and all the glorious other stuff that will flood the house… It needs somewhere to go, amongst all the things Dean has already…

Thank God we moved from our 860 square foot, one bedroom and den apartment to our 1300 square foot, three bedroom and huge yard house.


I’m excited for the changes going on around here but I am not sure how I feel about all this work! From what I’ve read, I may have to pawn off the sanding to my husband as oil based paints aren’t healthy to be breathing in. Latex paint isn’t a big deal in a ventilated room, plus I will be wearing a mask.

Four months to get this all done before baby arrives… Yikes!


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