Week Two – Weighing In

It’s been two weeks since I’ve begun on my journey to lose weight and get back towards my pre-pregnancy weight.


How is it going, you ask?

Well, everything is kind of done on a whim. I haven’t gotten a routine down, nor do I have a plan that I am following for eating.

I was hoping to have something figured out by now, but as we’re adjusting to no preschool for the summer, getting ready to move and other events going on, I just haven’t been able to map out a plan yet.


I’ve made much better choices in my habits though. I have only had one Starbucks in the past fourteens days. That’s HUGE. And, even then, that one coffee was a better choice than what I would have normally picked. I’ve been making sure to eat while we are out on adventures, rather than coming home ravenous and downing a half the pantry in an attempt of hanger-management.

I’ve always been fairly good about drinking at least 1L of water every day but now I am around 2L per day.

I have noticed an increase in energy from the eating and the amount of water I drink.

This baby will be arriving any day now!

I haven’t been increasing activity a ton yet but we’ve always been fairly active. I would like to get some sort of workout routine but until then, we just go on plenty of walks and lots of bike rides. I’ve been getting about 25km on the bike each week and hope to be increasing it with the new bike next week!


But, without a plan and without a routine, I have still managed to lose 6lbs in the past two weeks. The scale is moving and I’m slowly noticing a slight difference.

I’m hoping to implement some kind of regime in the upcoming weeks.

Our new house will have a small gym with an elliptical and weight set so I hope to add in some lifting into the mix. And the elliptical will be great for some cardio since running doesn’t agree with my knees.


I’m quite happy with my results, just from the small changes I’ve done so far. I’m looking forward to more results!


I’ve got some before and during photos in the process, but until then, I’ll leave you with my progress photo from pre-babies. 🙂

Six month progression photo, 2011

The Diet That Lasted 2.25 Days…

So, remember that I was supposed to start Weight Watchers on Monday?

I started it.


And then, this morning, I ended it.


I did Weight Watchers years ago, for about six months before I got married. I enjoyed the ease of use, the app and the simplicity of it all.

I found it hard to get back into this time around. The app has some big flaws and with chasing two young children around all the time, I just don’t have time for that!

After chatting with their tech support, I received a refund and have parted ways.


I’m going to start up in the morning using another tested and true app to help me log food / calories. I used Calorie Count for a while and liked how it would show me my overall pie chart for fats, proteins and other nutrients. I could see when I was eating too many carbs or not enough protein. I could adjust my days to make my meal planning more rounded. It has a very easy flow for logging foods – and I can use weight to measure, instead of cups. Which really speeds up the process.

I need something fast, easy and effective. If I have to spend too much time on it, it’s going to get neglected. I’ve got too much stuff keeping me busy that I can’t spend all day measuring out my foods while my boys are terrorizing the house. If it’s complicated, I have no interest. If it’s not going to be effective because I’m eyeballing cups while trying get everyone fed breakfast, I’m not going to want to stick with it.


So while my Weight Watchers diet has ended, tomorrow I begin back on Calorie Count. I’ve still kept on track with eating today, though it was tempting to let loose at IKEA (their Mac N Cheese is amaze-balls and so bad for you) but I kept in check and kept my meals clean and portioned.


So, bring on tomorrow!



Bye, Bye, Baby (Weight)

Is it still considered baby weight when it’s nearly four years old?


I’ve been a baby-making / baby-feeding machine for more years than not recently. Between being pregnant and nursing, I have put on almost all of the weight that I had previously lost.

Before we married, in November 2011, I had lost 85lbs. It took me two and a half years, but I was at my lowest weight I had been since I was a child. Not a teen. Not a preteen. But a child.

When I got pregnant two weeks later, the weight immediately started creeping back. After eating at weight loss and weight maintenance for years, suddenly eating at a normal amount was a shock for my body and it held onto every ounce of delicious food.

Everyone claims that breastfeeding makes the baby weight melt away – WHAT. EVER. Nope! I continued to gain. I couldn’t lose weight, even while trying to eat healthy, smaller portions and exercised a fair amount. It just wasn’t happening.


Fast forward nearly five years since our wedding, I am still holding onto all that weight. And then some.


It’s time for us to part ways.

Before and After : 2011

Starting Monday, I am starting back on Weight Watchers. I used it for a bit towards the end of my last weight loss (for the last 10lbs or so) and I liked the easy interface and flexibility to have a treat here and there.

I’m looking forward to getting to a healthier me!


My next check in will be in two weeks from my start : check back in towards the end of June for an update!

A Trip to the Dietitian

I’ve always been curious about going to a dietitian. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. Sure, I drink more Starbucks than I should. And my husband is a bad influence and I have no willpower. But when looking at calories in vs calories out, it just doesn’t make sense.

With the midwifery program I attend at the Jim Pattison Outpatient Centre in Surrey, I get free access to a dietitian and a doula (both of which are not covered by MSP and can cost quite a bit to visit) With my weight loss of 20lbs since January 1st (10lbs intentional before learning I was pregnant, 10lbs from morning sickness) my midwife thought it would be good to go see her. While I stopped trying to lose weight after finding out I was pregnant, I have been hoping that I can keep weight gain to a minimum and not end up 50lbs heavier at the end of the pregnancy, like with my first.


Yesterday was my first visit. We discussed my current eating habits (and I even admitted that yes, we eat out more than we should and yes, I have been indulging in more junk food than I should be) and she asked for some example meal days. I wrote out a few days worth of examples and she right away noticed that I am lacking about 2/3 of the recommended dairy each day and also missing a LOT of my meat and meat alternatives. I typically get the proper amount of grains and close to recommended veggies and fruits. But I really need to increase my dairy and the meat and meat alternatives.

She gave me some tips on things I could change in my diet so that I can get these requirements. And also suggested taking Omega 3 and 6, along with Vitamin D pills.

I’m not allowed to lose anymore weight, especially as I am nearing the 20 week mark. However, as baby gains weight, I am allowed to keep our overall weight the same. So I can maintain our overall weight at 195lbs right up until the day I deliver, as baby will be growing but I can lose a bit. I have to weigh myself weekly at home now. If I drop more to 190lbs, I will need to go back in. She also wants me to keep a food diary over the next month (not everyday but a few days per week) and go back for another visit in a months time.

I’m going to start doing smoothies in the morning for Dean and I (and I suppose the husband if he wants them) and try planning my meals better so they are more rounded and include more things.

And I’ll try to cut out the junk food… Though chocolate has been off the menu for the past few months – even hot chocolate makes me feel sick now. I’m pretty sure the baby is a girl, I’m actually quite set on the fact that it’s a girl (May 20th is our ultrasound and we will find out then!) but then there’s the moments that I feel sick from eating two mini eggs. And I have to ask myself, how can it be a girl when it doesn’t like chocolate?!

[Weigh-In Wednesday] Week 7

Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 198lbs
Goal for next week – 196lbs
Loss for last week – 1lbs
Total loss – 14lbs

Hit my goal, even if it was a small one.

I’ve been struck down with a cold this past week so I haven’t made it out for a run in over a week. I’m desperate to go running but trying to hold  off until I feel better as this is a pretty nasty chest cold.

Eating habits have gotten better. Maybe not all the best choices, but it’s getting there. I find that if I don’t allow myself some cheat meals once in a while, then it’s all the more harder to stay on track.

My husband is a bad influence though. He convinced me that we should get a pizza for dinner. And the effort of cooking dinner was low, so I obliged.

Clearly, I need to get rid of him so that I can get rid of this weight.

It’s a new week. I’m going to aim for a two-pound drop. I know I can, I just have to put a bit more effort into it.

[Weigh-In Wednesday] Week 6

Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 199lbs
Goal for next week – 198lbs
Loss for last week – 1lbs
Total loss – 13lbs

Didn’t make my goal of 198lbs this week, but I haven’t been on track with much in the past couple weeks.

With Jason working overtime and still adjusting to my work schedule, by the time I am home I am exhausted and still have to make D’s lunch and dinner for the next day and lunches for Jason and I. Once that is done, then I don’t feel like making my dinner so I just grab something easy (read : unhealthy)

Running has been going well. I’ve been making it out three times a week, and I am starting to enjoy it. At least, once it’s finished, that is!

[Weigh-In Wednesday]

Lifetime highest weight – 248lbs (08/2009)
Adult lowest weight – 160lbs (11/2011)
Starting weight – 212lbs (01/2014)
Current weight – 200lbs
Goal for next week – 198lbs
Loss for last week – 2lbs
Total loss – 12lbs

Yay! Goal hit! Barely. My scale has a decimal point but I just round it. I was 200.4lbs but it rounds down to 200lbs!
I was hoping to see a 199 but I made my goal so that’s good enough for me!
Jason has been working overtime for the past week. He’s been getting off work at 9pm on weeknights and even working on weekends. Which means I have been solo-parenting. Which means I’m exhausted. Beyond exhausted. By the time I get Dean to bed on the days I work, I just have no effort. So I will admit it. Three nights in the past week, I’ve had a strudel and a peanut butter bar and called it dinner… Between making my lunch, Dean’s lunch, Dean’s dinner and occasionally J’s lunch, I just don’t have the effort for making my own dinner.
I missed my weekend run last week too, as I started coming down with something and didn’t have it in me to run in the morning. I wanted to go in the afternoon, but a certain someone was at work and I don’t have the jogging stroller for little guy anymore.
I’ve been averaging about 2 days of running a week, but I would like to make it three on a regular basis.
The food stuff is going decent. Aside from my strudel dinners. There’s been lots of fruit, veggies and whole grains. I’m drinking more coffee than I should, but